Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Park Bom, The Jinju Lantern Festival, and Me Doing Some Martial Arts

Okay so the last time I did a tribute to my Tae Kwon Do instructor, I left out another form he created called 42 basic motions. About once or twice a week I go down to the river side in Jinju to do some push ups and to practice Tae Kyon and Tae Kwon Do forms. Last week I filmed myself doing 42 basic motions as fast as I could. I also filmed myself doing a Karate form called Nihanche 3 as fast as I could.

The resulting footage made for only about forty seconds of film. That was too bad since I wanted to put Park Bom's You and I in the background. (The music will probably get taken out by youtube sooner or later.) So in editing I added some footage from the Jinju lantern festival, and for no reason at all footage of a water fall on Jiri mountain, and footage from the top of Cheong Hwa Bong on Jiri mountain. I've decided to call the resulting piece of video a trailer for a fake movie staring me and Park Bom.

The movie is about a river spirit - Park Bom. The river spirit is sick because of the pollution from the Shin Moorim paper factory. (As seen in the background.)

I play an eccentric guy who tries to fight against pollution...literally. When my modern martial arts of Tae Kwon Do fail to work I try the traditional Tae Kyon. A fire breathing dragon tells me that that won't work either. So I call on the spirit of my birth year animal... a chicken with a sword. He said that pollution can't be fought with martial arts.

In a last ditch attempt to save the river, I try to fight pollution with a Karate form, but then I give up to go watch fireworks. The end:

*Sorry that the idea for my fake movie borrows a lot from Spirited Away.

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