Tuesday, July 26, 2011

롯데삼강 Cookie O

It was about two months ago. I had been riding my bike to work and I stopped off at Dunkin Donuts for a large coffee. For me coffee always goes with food. Savory food for breakfast...unless I'm eating pancakes or french toast....Paris Baguette bread makes great french toast by the way, and chocolate of I'm just having a mid day coffee. (I'll probably die young)

I ordered my coffee and went to the mart next to dunkin. I had in mind one of those ice cream cone things, but suddenly a picture of an ice cream sandwich caught my eye. Immediately I saw visions of the big meat freezer at my parents house. I remember sneaking out on hot summer days to raid the box of the country fresh ice cream sandwiches.
I think the last time I had an ice cream sandwich was last year when I visited my parents. It's something that I just had never seen in Korea and something that I never knew that I missed. But suddenly, there they were right in front of me. A few individually packed ice cream sandwiches, and the damn things taste exactly what you get back home. Cookie O's have walnuts in the ice cream, but the cookie on the outside is about the same.

My only problem with them is that they are 2000 won per sandwich. Summer is here though and pretty much for the whole month of July, Korean grocery stores run 50% discounts on small ice creams so cookie o's at my supplier are 1000 won, but damn that is still pricey.

Now before I sign off, I'd like to give another shout out to a few other contestants in the ice cream/Popsicle category. First I'd like to mention shark bars. I think a shark bar was the first Popsicle that I have ever eaten in Korea. A shark bar is orange flavored ice, around a raspberry/or strawberry sorbet. The orange ice is dyed grey and is shaped like a shark, the damn things are refreshing as hell, go out and get one.

Also don't forget 생탱. A sang tang is a fruit juice stick. For the longest time I only saw manderin orange, but recently I've had a few pineapple flavored ones. Sang tangs use a percentage of real fruit juice, and the pine apple ones have real chunks of pine apple in them. Again refreshing as hell.

I think that the Mango and Kiwi things are pretty good too. Tank boy is too sweet. My biggest problem with the bits of frozen juice wrapped in wax, is that they look like big frozen dildos. And then when you finish them, the empty shell looks like a used condom.

Anyway for a taste of home...and if you like ice cream sandwiches, check out 롯데삼강 Cookie O's. They brought me a lot of joy.