Friday, February 25, 2011

Odds and Ends

-It's been a more than one year campaign but thanks to this blog, when I google myself, the name of a woman who is a registered sex offender doesn't pop up anymore.

-I'm envious of that Korean guy who made a blogspot blog about Blackout Korea. Appealingly you can get a lot of people to come to your blog by comparing people who take pictures of drunk people to prison guards at Abu Girab. I know that Fun Times in South East Korea hasn't chronicled very many "fun times." I also know that this blog is filled with awkward sentences and is over all just kind of boring, but come on, I have 229 posts on this damn thing. That guy has two. I'm just happy that I have been unsuccessful in getting "adsense" to work, because then I'd be really disappointed. On that note, I'm happy that Mr. Englishteacherout doesn't have adsense because that mother fucker would probably be rich thanks to all of the K-bloggers linking to his site.

-Fun Times in South Korea is still one of the few authorities on "Ring Pang Donuts," according to google. Now all that needs to happen is for Ring Pang Donuts to get more popular in Korea. The Geumsan RingPang Donuts go their act together. The donuts are pretty good now. Still no brewed coffee but the espresso drinks are still pretty fantastic.

-There is really nothing in Korea that I feel like writing about. I'm fucking pissed about what is happening in Wisconsin right now though.

-Oh hey I just thought of a pretty cool Korea related topic. Dudes check out Lussoso. Lussoso is this shop that makes custom tailored shirts for men. I went into their shop, picked out a fabric, picked out a cuff and collar type, and then they took some measurements and then I gave them 50,000 won and a week later they gave me a shirt. They also do suits, but thanks to the custom tailoring, the shirt is pretty damn comfortable. I've bought a lot of shirts in Korea that make me feel like the hulk, like my shoulders will just tear the damn thing apart, but my Lussoso shirt feels like I'm wearing air. Damn you adsense!! I should get some money from Ring Pang Donuts, and Lussoso.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have a homepage for Lussuso? I tried searching but no luck. Thanks.