Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well, All I Can Say is, is that It's About Time Something Like this Came Out


Flint said...

Heh :) It looks like someone jizzed on some of the pizza's ... corn corn as far as the eye can see ... then peas ... on a pizza?!?!?!?!

Reminds me of those horrid cone pizzas that didn't last long.

3gyupsal said...

Yeah, sweet corn and sweet peas. Now if only Koreans could get those things fresh somewhere an not put them on pizzas, I'd be happy. What I thought was funny about this ad was how convinced the announcer was that this stuff healthy.

Flint said...

I taught myself to block out all Korean nonsense about healthy food or "Well Being". It is just a marketing ploy. They have touted some of the strangest stuff as Well Being.

3gyupsal said...

I know. It's kind of a shame actually. You have to make a bullshit filter for a lot of things in Korea.

The average Korean family meal that has rice vegetables and soup is usually pretty healthy. Stuff that gets touted as well being is usually the opposite. I've seen a lot of Don Ccass places that call themselves well being. There is this place called "Valance Burger," that is a bit like Kraze Burger and they talk about how healthy their food is too.

Besides that, just think of all of the oriental medicine snake oil that people buy into. Or just the fact that ginseng candy exists and is popular is enough reason to give pause. Come on, ginseng candy? The stuff smells and tastes terrible, and it doesn't give you a jolt of energy like you would expect.

I've also had enough experience with people who had gone to sports universities, to know a few things. These sports players always take lessons in massage. I did taekwondo with this guy a while back who wanted me to walk on his back after training. Also one time he came up behind me and cracked my back once. I didn't let him do that again because before he had done that my back didn't hurt, after he did that, it hurt for three weeks.

Then I knew this crazy guy who thought he could heal people by redirecting their inner energy.

I pulled something in my elbow once, and he held on to my arm for about twenty minutes as he closed his eyes and breathed on it...My arm got better about six months later.