Thursday, February 17, 2011

Korea's New Tourism Campaign: Drunk Calls to People in L.A. Using an L.A. Phonebook

Phone rings

A: Hello?

B: Hello, is this Aaron Abrahamson?

A: Yes.

B: Do you know Korea?

A: Dude I'm sleeping it's like four in the morning.

B: Do you know Kimchi?

A: Yeah, I've had Kimchi. Come on man, I have to go to work tomorrow.

B: Oh you know Kimchi. I think you are almost like a Korean person.

A: Yeah whatever man. Bye.

B: Fighting!!

Another call. This time not L.A.

A: Hello.

B: Hi, do you know Korea?

A: Whose that?

B: I said do you know Korea? The country?

A: Oh yeah that place. There is like two of them. There is a good one and a not so good one. And the not so good one has a dictator who wears women's glasses.

B: Oh I think you are Korean. Do you live in L.A.?

A: No hun. I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

B: I don't get it.

A: There's nothin to get hun.

B: My map says LA

A: Oh you see sugar that's because I'm from Louisiana. Our state initials are LA.

B: Oooh. So do you know any movie stars?

A: No sug.

B: Do you know Angelina Jolie?

A: I just said that I don't know no movie stars.

B: I want to meet Brad Pitt.

A: You and half the women on the planet sug.

B: I think that you are very funny.

A: Thank you. Aint you just the sweetest lil darlin out there. Oh by the way why did you call me?

B: I'm from Korea.

A: Okay.

B: How's my English?

A: Yer doin fine sug. But what do you want from me?

B: You come to Korea okay? Korea is very funny.

A: I'll keep that in mind darlin. Good bye now.

B: Okay, I think you are very beautiful, bye.

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