Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jinju Lantern Festival 2011

Fun Times in South East Korea is the third hit on google for the search words "Jinju Lantern Festival 2011." That leads you to an awesome video of me kicking stuff. Unfortunately that can be misleading. Therefore I want to post some links on this site to some stuff I did for the "Jinju Lantern Festival 2010."

Here is a pretty cool drum and break dancing video.

This is a band that I saw last year at the Jinju Lantern Festival 2010

I also tried some Korean Kiwi wine last year at the festival. That stuff was pretty good.

Please, everyone in Korea go to the Jinju Lantern Festival 2011. The Jinju Lantern Festival will tear a hole of awesomeness in your soul.

Friday, September 9, 2011

New Faces on the Side Bar

A week or two ago I added the blog, "Things Eve Would Do," to my blog roll. I like that site, the author is another English teacher in Korea who doesn't always talk about the normal things that you can find on Korea blog sites. It's also pretty cool because there are some posts that one might find published in a "Best American Erotica," anthology. Also-unlike this blog- the author is pretty good at making sentences.

Now another blog would like to promote is a blog by my friend Mathew Awalt. I met him a few years back in one of Jinju's most famous watering holes. We found common interests in cooking, and I also enjoyed talking to him about fishing. I am not a fisherman, but my dad is, and so is Matt, so from time to time I do enjoy talking about fish and rivers.

On a few occasions we burned meat together on one room building roof tops, and he ended up leaving Jinju to go work in the northern provinces. When he left he sold me a Weber charcoal grill that I in turn gave to my father-in-law as a Christmas present. Since then I have held two annual Christmas barbecues at my wife's parents house. The first year I made beer can chicken, the second year I blew $100 on a couple pounds of top shelf Korean tenderloin. (That shit was goooooood.)

Anyway Matt started an Asian-fishing-travel blog about his exploits taming the rivers of Korea and Japan. I like his blog because it tells good stories of his adventures. I think that travel blogs should tell good stories rather than simply having pictures.

Anyway check out both sites.