Sunday, February 12, 2012

Top 5 Korean T.V. Shows that Seem to Last Hours

Korean T.V. shows tend to start at odd times. My favorite show these days, "High Kick," goes from 7:45 to 8:10. The show is very entertaining but it is too short. Unfortunately there are a great many T.V. shows that make me want to run from the house screaming when there is nothing to do on the weekends.

1. Infinity Challenge

The show may have had its day a long time ago, but these days it seems like they are just killing time. How often can you watch guys driving somewhere? Or a bunch of guys running around Seoul doing some kind of scavenger hunt?

2. One Night and Two Days

See above, plus add guys playing rock paper scissors in the woods.

3. Challenges of Manhood

Okay this show had its moments. It was okay when they organized a choir....the first few episodes. It is kind of interesting that a new brand of Ramyeon came from this show. (꼬꼬면) But by and large this show is extraordinarily boring. It is so mind numbing that when the show comes on, it makes blogging look fun.

4. The Gag Concert

It's like Saturday night live with an entire cast of Cheri O'teri, and best of all, their microphones are taped to their faces!

5. Happy Together

What could be more fun than watching people wearing robes in a sauna locker room talking? Anything!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why Martial Arts Instructors Should Give Some Thought To Class Room Management

Well the good news is is that my Tae Kyon School seems to finally be taking off. I am no longer the only student. I got my black belt back in October or November, I don't know it was some month. Anyway I was in class today. 4 students me some middle aged man who I have never seen before. This kid who is like 6, and a college student. Mind you I am the highest ranking student in the school everyone else is pretty much a beginner.

So the master starts the class. We do a few warm up exercises, and then he tells the new old guy to go practice the few warm up exercises by himself for about 5 minutes. A few warm ups later he tells the 6 year old the same. 5 minutes later me and the university student end the warm up routine. I ask myself this, was it really necessary that he spend all that time with the two guys who already know what is going on?

Back in the day my taekwondo school was kind of like that. It still is, or was the last time I visited. Part of the problem was, was that classes were always taught without much distinction to ability. So someone who had studied for 5 years might be in the same class as the person who had studied for 2 weeks. So the instructor of the class has to try to appease everyone and give everyone a different assignment. Sometimes higher ranking students had to help lower ranking students. That's okay, but it kind of sucks when you pay someone money to learn something, and you spend the whole time teaching someone else. Luckily the Taekyon guy was finally able to give everyone personal attention, but I didn't think that he needed too. The college kid and I could have finished the warm ups our selves while the instructor, the old guy, and the kindergartener could have worked together.

Sorry More K-pop Stuff

I'm sorry to the handful of people out there who read this blog and who must think that I have gone completely crazy for K-pop. The truth is kind of. I don't like the majority of K-pop but I am culturally sensitive to it since I see the music shows pretty much every weekend. After I had a kid I have found myself pretty much confined to quarters on the weekends. It is especially bad in the winter since I don't really want to go outside anyway.

But now to get to the point. Earlier this week "Girls Generation," was on the David Letterman show:

A few comments:

9 Nine people on a tiny stage pretty funny.

I don't find Girls Generation very interesting, but hey Billy Murray was there. Bill Fucking Murray I love that guy. I linked to the Coffee and Cigarettes scene unintentionally, but I remembered that I always used to call Girls Generation the Wu Tang Clan of Kpop because there are nine of them. I love Wu Tang too. Seriously I just got on like a 20 minute Bill Murray youtube tangent. Bill Fucking Murray, and Regis. Dave Letterman, Bill Murray, and Regis, three creepy old guys and and some half dressed Korean teenagers.

I got nothing else.