Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The "Send an Aluminum foil hat to a Conservative Commentator" Campaign

Folks. If you are anything like me, you are angry. That is angry and scared. Americans like me can't help but be sad about the America we are loosing to the whims of an increasingly tyrannical federal government that becomes more and more like North Korea every day.

Luckily, there are people who are fighting for us!!! That's right ladies and gentlemen. It used to be that the republican party was in charge of stewarding our nation towards its glory days, but with treacherous turncoats like Arlen Specter it is obvious that we cannot put our trust in the G.O.P. anymore.

Yet there are still heroes of the conservative movement that still stand up for the little guy, and those people are conservative commentators. That's right commentators like Glenn Beck, Sean Hanity, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter all work tirelessly to host radio shows, write books, and appear on television all for the benefit of you.

Yet the straights couldn't be anymore dire for the future of America. You see, plan 55 has already begun and before you know it, the FEMA camps will soon be filled with you and all of your countrymen as you toil in the sun, churning out organic clothing on outdoor assembly lines, or riding stationary bicycles that generate "green" electricity.

If you don't think I am serious then we should take a closer look at what "plan 55," is. Plan 55 was an addendum to the "New Deal" that was ind ended to increase the power of the presidency to make the president the ultra supreme ruler of the galaxy. FDR was well on his way to filling out that title but he ended up dying and "plan 55" was put in a "lock box" along with blue prints for Nicola Tesla's "death ray."

The electric death ray was well known and developed, but kept secret in General Electric's headquarters. General Electric, the company founded by Tesla's natural born enemy, Thomas Edison, assumed control of Tesla's blue prints when the FBI sweped the hotel room that Tesla died in.

Upon finding out what had happened to Tesla's blue prints, the Roosevelt administration ordered copies to be made and kept in the National Archives. Both scientists from the government and GE found other uses for the death ray. They found that in tweaking the voltage, low frequency alpha particles could be emitted in the form of a mind control ray.

The National Broadcasting company, which is owned by GE, has been using this mind control ray for many many years in conjunction with its broadcasts. When the station CNBC was founded, the ray was used to manipulate markets. When MSNBC was founded, the ray was used to influence politics.

Plan 55 is said to gradually make the populous accept increasingly despotic governmental measures like single payer health care, environmental regulations and, civil liberties so that FEMA camps can be turned into work farms that produce organic products for Hollywood liberals who want to pay reasonable prices, but want to purchase only domestically made products.

The only people who can stand up to this kind of government control are the conservative commentators who are like modern day Paul Reveres who ride through the streets of Fox News's airways on their horses of words, warning the people that the liberals are coming. Unfortunately conservative commentators are people too, and as people they are susceptible to the NBC alpha particle waves.

Luckily, alpha particles are the least penetrating form of radiation, and they can be easily warded off with a piece of paper. Yet paper is not a good material to wear on one's head, but aluminium foil is. The malleable properties of Aluminium foil make it a suitable material for constructing hats by which conservative commentators can protect their heads from the government mind control rays.

So that is why it is time now to act. We must all act by mailing your favorite conservative commentator a foil hat. Tell as many people you know to act to help protect our defenders of freedom!!!!

Send your hats here!!!!

Glenn Beck:
Premier Radio Network1270
Avenue of Americas
New York, NY 10020USA

Michelle Malkin:
Creators Syndicate, 5777 W. Century Blvd.,
Suite 700, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Sean Hannity:
Fox News1211
Avenue of the Americas18th Floor
New York, NY 10036USA

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The final Wol-Ah San video

Well this hopefully is the final video that I am going to make about this mountain. I don't get much time off so when I do I guess the only thing that I do is go the local mountain, climb it and make a video. Anyway this one is a lot like the other ones except it is in the spring. In this case I climbed both peaks instead of just the one. I was surprised to find an abundance of pink flowers at the top of Guksabong that were probably more in bloom about a week ago, but on this day they were still pretty nice.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stunning Evidence of my Bachelorhood

I live in an apartment that is probably about ten meters long and five meters wide. Over the past year and a half I have accumulated many appliances. Two of my favorite appliances are my Dong Yang Magic Oven, and my Dong Yang Magic Toaster oven. Well, last Christmas, my sister bought me a beer making kit. I didn't have a chance to make any beer until last Wednesday after I got some beer bottles from a friend who owned a bar. I also had a half day of work last Wednesday. During that time I was able to go downtown and have a burger. On my way back from down town I happened to think; hmm, I really want a practice sword. So I bought a practice sword, and when I got home, I made beer.

New Milestone!!!

Fun times in South East Korea is celebrating its first milestone. When you type: "jinju wol ah san" into google FTISEK is the first website to pop up. To celebrate this milestone we here at FTISEK have filmed a spring Wol ah san adventure! We will post it shortly. We are also thinking of starting a tour agency promoting adventures to the tri-myeon area of Jinju's Geumsan, Moonsan, and Jinseong Myeon's. Packages will include a pick up at any of Jinju's two intercity bus terminals. A hike up one or both of the peaks of Wol ah san. A point out of the airforce base where Korean heart throb, Jo In Seong, was stationed, and perhaps a delicious Naeng Myun Lunch at Ul Chigi Naengmyun and Kalbi.