Friday, February 11, 2011


I celebrated the my last graduation at my school. I didn't feel sentimental at all. I didn't feel sad. I'm happy for these kids.

Let me rewind three years. I was seriously thinking about quitting three years ago. I kind of hated my job. Three years ago when I saw my first graduation at my middle school, I was kind of happy to see those kids go. There were a few who really sucked. To be fair, I kind of sucked at teaching three years ago too. It was a bad combination.

Then the kids who graduated this year came. These kids were awesome, I really enjoyed working with them. Sure it wasn't all roses, but teaching them was usually pretty nice. They made me want to try harder. They made me want to renew my contracts. And now they are leaving, and so am I. So good bye, I hope you guys have good luck in high school.

I'm leaving to go work at a university. I'm going to have another shot at the kids who graduated three years ago. I'm a better teacher now, and I hope that I can do a better job at the university. It's just time to go.

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