Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cool Things To Buy at Home Plus

So last week I left a comment over at "What the Kimchi," in response to a guy who commented on the blog of a woman who was sexually abused. The guy said something to the effect that he didn't believe the woman and that that stuff probably doesn't happen in Korea. The guy left his full name on the comment which might indicated that he is either really brave, or is an idiot. I'm guessing that he's an idiot.

My comment had to do with the fact that self defense items are pretty hard to get in Korea. I've heard that tasers, stun guns, and pepper spray are all illegal. I don't think that they should be. I think that pepper spray should be as easy to get here as it is in America. In the Midwest there is a pretty large grocery store chain called Meijer. I remember a few years back, being at Meijer and seeing little cans of pepper spray for sale in the checkout aisles next to gum and candy bars. These were key chain bottles of pepper spray that had little key rings on them. I think I even remember seeing little stun guns that looked like cellphones. The type of cellphone that you clip to your belt.

Homeplus doesn't have anything like that, but surprisingly you can get aluminum Nanchukus.
Nunchukus are a traditional southeast Asian weapon. I think they came from Okinawa or something like that. I guess the peasants in Okinawa who trained Karate in secret to fight the Japanese, used nunchukus to flail rice when they weren't using them to bludgeon Samurai. These days I'm sure that Koreans see nunchukus as an exercise tool and not as a weapon. Indeed if you swing nunchukus around for about ten minutes nonstop, your arms get pretty tired. They also aren't really that practical for women's self defense since you can't really conceal nunchukus very easily, but it is worth pointing out that these things are illegal in many European countries, and if you smack someone in the head a few times with these things you can cause brain damage. Stun guns and pepper spray, not so much. That's why those things were invented, they hurt like hell but an attacker will probably survive. (Well you could cause a heart attack with a stun gun or taser but pepper spray is for the most part safe.) So I guess my question is this: why can you buy metal nunchukus at Homeplus and not pepper spray?


Eat Your Kimchi said...

My HomePlus doesn't have nunchuks :( Waah! Maybe I'm not looking hard enough?

3gyupsal said...

Wow a visit from Eat Your Kimchi, I'm starstuck.

I found mine in the sports section. They were next to Kumdo practice swords (Shinai in Japanese, Jukdo, in Korean.)

If you want to ask an employee about where they are, Nunchucks are called "Ssang jel bong," in Korean.