Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ads in General

Okay maybe I portrayed Korean advertising ability in less than favorable ways in the last post, but that reminded me of lessons that I have done where I have made kids make their own newspaper or magazine advertisement. The kids really kind of take to that because they get to draw pictures, and they come up with some pretty good ideas. Konglish and poor grammar are actually pretty good for advertising because they make stuff stand out in your mind.

There is an on line shopping mall called 11st. That's a pretty good idea to put the st after 11, you probably wouldn't notice the ad if it was 11nth. As an English teacher in Korea, the first gut reaction that you have when you see something like that is (in the voice of a valley girl) "Oh my god, why didn't they get a proof reader when they wrote that." Then cameras get taken out, and the pictures go up on h websites, and then blam you have a viral meme.

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