Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kitchen Nightmares

Sometimes I like to watch Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. The American version lead me to believe that American people are kind of stupid.

There have been nearly fifty episodes of this show and every week the show has been the same. There are some shots of some restaurant that's in debt. Chef Ramsey comes in, tastes the food, says it's terrible, watches the dinner service, people yell, Ramsey throws a new coat of paint on the place and tells them to make a smaller menu. At the end people cry. Every single episode the formula stays the same.

The British version followed the same formula, but he also showed people how to run a restaurant. My impression of the situation is that Fox thinks that people are too stupid to follow anything other than the raw emotions of anger and feel goodery.

I just watched an episode of the show where a couple ladies were a million dollars in debt. The show followed the formula and at the end everybody thought everything was going to be fine. I hate to break the news to everybody but you have make a million dollars to be broke!

Did Ramsey give these people any kind of business resources that teaches them how to run their businesses better? Did Ramsey give them any tips about how to update their menus periodically to keep the regulars interested? Did he teach them anything about marketing so that they can keep the chairs full? If he did, then why doesn't Fox tell that story? Why is it such blasphemy on television to try to educate a little bit?

Anyway watch my new videos that I posted under this post.


Flint said...

The US version of Hell's Kitchen is the same. It pushes the confrontation and tends to ignore the cooking, or management, side of things.

It can be interesting to watch but it does get tiring and boring as it follows the same formula time and again.

3gyupsal said...

Does the British Hells Kitchen show any cooking?

Flint said...

It did ... but the British version was more of a celebrity show. Ramsay only did 1 season then another chef took over. It only lasted 2-3 seasons.