Monday, September 27, 2010

Video of me Climbing Mountains and Kicking Stuff

Posted over at my martial arts blog. It was how I spent part of my Chuseok holiday. My wife called me "Wancta," because of this video. "Wancta," kind of means looser in Korean. I can't really see how she is wrong on this one. I did ride my bike about three miles to go climb some mountains and film myself playing ninja on them, I'm not going to win any cool-guy prizes for that. Anyway, you can checkout some hot Korean psychedelic rock from the 70's on the videos.


Gibbering Madness said...

Wangta. I used to call my students that all the time. A more extreme version is Jin-ta, and the most extreme is Jong-ta.

Koreans see as a loser if you do anything alone.

3gyupsal said...

Yeah, I used to live in a dormitory with university students. When I tried go out for dinner, after classes, I'd always get hounded for doing things alone. They would say: "Where are you going?"

I'd say, "I'm going out for dinner."



"I'm sad."

It got kind of annoying after a while.