Friday, September 10, 2010

Music Bank

Okay so I was watching music bank today. Music Bank is one of three weekend kpop concert shows.

Normally Kpop can be described as sexy communism with a beat. Many of the artists are talented, many can't sing for shit. Many can dance well, but most of them are just hot teenagers who got picked and groomed by a talent agency.

I'm actually not that sour on K-pop. I like to participate in it because I find the teenage fandom somewhat fascinating. It's also good to know about pop stars because it is something that kids like to talk about.

So it was quite a shock to see this band on KBS's music bank today.

These guys are called Galaxy Express. They are hailed as Korea's loudest band. It was a shock, but it was also a relief. I mean these guys were pretty awesome. The clip here isn't from the show, it's just something I searched for on youtube when the show was over. All I can say is...well that I'm impressed. Long live rock.

Here is the Music Bank performance:

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