Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I celebrated Chuseok today with my wife's family. I always enjoy Jeasa food. My wife's family generally prepares all of the Jeon, but what is special about the meal is the rice and soup. Chuseok, and Seollal food in my wife's family is usually served with "bibimbab," that has no pepper paste in it, and a nice soup called "Tang Gook."

Tang-gook, is some real special stuff. It is beef and octopus broth with radish, tofu, and shellfish. The flavor is just a nice and mild soup that is made salty with home made soy sauce. I usually eat two or three bowls of the stuff.

I also like the alcohol, 법주. Bub Joo is a rice wine that tastes a little like Sake. Great stuff, I wonder why Koreans drink so much soju, when there are better and more traditional things to drink like Bub Joo, and Makeoli. Sure soju get's you krunk, but it tastes like a goddamn chemistry set.


Flint said...

BubJoo? Hmmm...I missed that one when I was in Korea. I feel deprived now. :(

3gyupsal said...

It's not really something that many people have a chance to enjoy. It is the ceremonial wine that Koreans drink when they have a Jessa. You kind of have to hang around with a Korean family on a Korean holiday to have it.