Sunday, September 26, 2010

Restaurant Review. Geumsan Gook Su 금산국수

A post from Korea's most important expat blog about fine dinning in Jinju's Geumsan Myeon.

Today I stopped by Geumsan Gook Su for lunch. I had 콩국수. Coang Gook Soo, is a soup that has noodles in a soy milk sauce. It is usually served cold with slices of cucumber in it.

Geumsan Gook Su is one of my favorite kinds of restaurants. There are only four tables and a kitchen. The interior was by no means impressive. The menu was written on brown paper on the wall. It really didn't look like anybody put that much thought into the interior. Most of the business seems to be from the delivery service. The place seems to be a husband and wife operation with the wife in the kitchen and the husband manning the phone and delivering noodles. An elderly woman was the other customer in the place, she ordered the "Jan Chi Gook Soo, 잔치국수 aka 물국수 (Mool Gook Soo) Some of her friends saw her in the place from the outside and stopped by for a visit.

The woman told the others how delicious the food was there and that they should have some. It seemed that the others had just finished lunch and were just stopping by to say hey. Anyway, my noodles were pretty good. I really wanted to have some Coang Gook Soo that day and it lived up to my expectations. This particular bowl had some toasted sesame seeds in it. I believe I have had their Mool Gook Soo before. This place is just at the foot of the big hill that my middle school sits on, and I believe that the summer vacation lunches come from here.

Like most places in Geumsan, I recommend it for lunch. The coang gook soo was good but at 5000 won a bowl it was a bit pricey. I'll try the Mool Gook Soo next time since it is only 3,500.

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