Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Another K-pop Post

This 2 Ne 1 song is okay. I don't really enjoy watching girls get beat up though. It kind of ruins the song. It's like you are just sitting there jammin, and then that shit has to happen.

On Monday night, my wife and I were just chillin and watching "Law and Order SVU," when I heard some noises coming from the outside.

Sometimes interesting things happen when I hear noises from the outside. The first time I saw some dude beating his lady, so I yelled at them. This gave the girl an opportunity for a counter attack. I watched a few more minutes and then went inside.

Another time a guy was killing a dog with a hammer.

Then for a while I think a group of ajumas were operating a gambling den in their house. The cops got called there a few times before those folks disappeared.

These days there is a small gang of middle school aged boys who are causing problems in the hood.

Monday night was their reckoning. I got to witness a lady beating some kid with her shoe as his buddies watched. Some useless ajoshis were just standing around watching, one guy picked up a metal pipe, but another guy told him to put it down. They were making phone calls.

Later a taxi pulled up and a lady got out. She was pissed. She fought through everybody. She landed a good side kick on one of the men before picking up the afore mentioned shoe kid by the hair and started to knee him in the sides. She then threw the kid to the ground, jumped on top of him, and started punching him in the face.

The others picked her off of him and she still was kicking at him. I think she was his mom. My wife could hear the conversation and was telling me that one of the kids had stolen something from someone's house. I kind of wish I had filmed the beat down. I had my camera in my hand, but I wasn't sure if they knew I was watching. This particular instance was kind of funny but also brutal.

This little ajuma could really kick ass, she beat the shit out of her son who was twice her size...he didn't really fight back, I think the men would have killed him if he tried. I'm mostly disappointed that no one called the cops on the lot of them. I'm getting pretty sick of how folks can make so much noise and commotion for so long without getting any kind of repercussion. A shotgun with salt charges would have been perfect for this situation.


Flint said...

Damn. Quite the beat down. I never saw anything like that ... would have been interesting. :)

3gyupsal said...

I seriously think this lady knew some kind of Juijutsu or something, cuz she executed some nice side kicks, and she seemed to instinctively go to the full mount position after she threw the kid to the ground.