Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jim Kruska's disapointment in the first hit on google when James Kruska is typed in.

Okay about 4 years ago I was working at a winter camp at Gyeongsang National University, this is the first hit on google that I get when I type in my name. Apparently some dude that I was working with (I'm not going to mention his name because I don't really know the guy despite him being seemingly a first name basis with me.) was taking some photos that he didn't want to be seen taking. Now I can't really speak too much to this guy's intent but the bars in the foreground are kind of disturbing indicating that the photographer was inside and then later uploading his personal memories of me standing around with a hockey stick next to some kids. I'm just glad that i look thin in this picture.


Master Kev said...

Hey Jimmy-
great to see you on here! I hope all is well in S.Korea, my friend.
Moo Sool!

3gyupsal said...

Welcome to FTISEK. As soon as I get my act together I'll be posting more videos with topics as diverse as a young man's addiction to cold noodle soup, and sword battles with evil mountain ajumas. In the meantime you should get well acquainted with the rest of the blog. I see that on your blog you are writing a self defense book.

I have an essay about American Dojang culture and leadership that I have had stewing in my brain for a while, but haven't committed to print yet. I was thinking about making a separate blog for that topic since this one is more cooking and conspiracy theory related. At any-rate, if I ever get around to doing that, and if you find the content helpful, you can link to it from your own blog, that would actually be helping me out alot since, when I google my own name, "Jim Kruska," there are a lot of hits for someone named "Jan Kruska," who apparently is a sex offender, so the more I get my own name out there the better.