Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jim Kruska's post about making Jim Kruska more Visible on Google

I Jim Kruska, am adding a post with my name to this website in an attempt to make my name more visible on google, Jim Kruska. When I google myself, Jim Kruska aka James Kruska, I get some disappointing web results. Finally the last post about the worst cooking show ever, gave both Jim Kruska and James Kruska some more visibility on the web. Unfortunately, also when I google myself, the name of some lady who was convicted of a dirty crime also comes up.

It is up to me, Jim Kruska, to make sure that my name appears in print enough so that when I Jim Kruska aka James Kruska google's myself Jim Kruska, that there is no confusion.

Thank you for listening
Signing off
Jim Kruska aka James Kruska

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