Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just What the Hell is Wrong with Rain?

Right I got to give this guy some props for having that dance off with Steven Colbert, but he has been going down hill from there.

First he planned a U.S. tour, then totally flaked on it, and has gotten the pants sued off of him for doing so. The picture above shows him outside of the Hawaii court where he got sued. At that place he got served with another lawsuit in L.A. and did the punk ass move of dropping the serving papers to the ground.

Hey Rain, guess what, they are still going to get your money, you should have just played the damn concerts.

Then came Megan Fox.
In a few interviews in Europe, Megan Fox indicated that she would like to meet Rain and that he was kind of hot. You see Rain played the bad guy in Speed Racer. When I was a kid I saw a few episodes of Speed Racer and wasn't impressed. However, Megan Fox was in Transformers and became a personal friend of Optimus Prime. How does someone turn down the chance of being 2 degrees away from Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime is totally awesome and can turn into a peter built truck and stuff. He also has a laser cannon arm and is a robot, and Megan Fox knows him.

So come on Rain. What the hell is wrong with you? You would think that after you screwed over all of your American fans when you canceled your tour, you would at least try to do something totally rad and meet Optimus Prime. Now instead of making every American man jealous and making them hate you, they just hate you the way Boston Redsox fans hate Bill Buckner.

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