Sunday, July 26, 2009

Buying a Hanbok

I went Hanbok shopping today with my fiance and her family. Her mom seems quite chummy with the owner of a silk factory, so we went to the factory store to go pick out colors for silk. My fiance chose a pink color for the skirt and a yellow top. I ended up with burgundy pants, a white shirt, and a dark blue jacket. There is also a patch that has silver embroidery of fire breathing turtles. My fiance's sister in law, and mother also ordered some silk and had some measurements taken.

This will be the first tailored outfit that I have ever had. I'm quite excited, actually. The outfit is 100% silk, and it will be sewn by hand. I think it will take one month to make.

Another interesting point about the day was the fact that after my fiance's mom paid for the outfits, the owner of the shop took us all out for lunch. I thought that was quite nice.

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