Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sunny Hill

Okay, I'm totally on this group Sunny Hill now. There are a few reasons why I like them. No it's not their song "Midnight Circus." That song is kind of annoying. Strangely I'm kind of attracted to this group because of the guy in it. This dude is totally pimp. He is the band's leader, but you never see him. Check out this video of their new song "The Grasshopper Song,"


The guy is the leader of the group, but he just pops out for like ten seconds, says a few lines and then disappears. (He also pulls off the Korean semi-traditional butt cut without looking like a tool.) Meanwhile four hot chicks dance around and sing. That's right, I'm man enough to call K-pop girls hot chicks. I'm not one of those bloggers who will bite his thumb at K-pop performers because it seems cool. Anyway that is totally pimp. I don't think that Kpop has many positive male role models for young kids. That is, I don't think that Kpop provides many male role models that act like men. Sure this guy Jang Hyun is wearing a lot of make up, but....he has some hot chicks around him.

The same thing can be said about that trouble maker kid. That trouble maker kid is singing a duet with a girl. It's pretty weak at the end of the song that they don't actually kiss, but hell it is a start. See positive male role models...not like teen top or boyfriend. The whole concept of having a boy band isn't very romantic when you think about it. If it is like five to twelve guys singing about one girl...I hope that girl has some pepper spray or numchucks or something.

No, but seriously, this Jang Hyun dude actually makes the music for the group, and I think that one of the girls...misun? writes the lyrics. That's cool when you think of Kpop. The cliched criticism that gets leveled at Kpop is that it isn't very creative and that it is mass produced. Sunny Hill was like that a few years back, but now it is like K-goth in style. In a previous post I mentioned their song pray...some nice talent there.

Also I checked out some unreleased songs from their Midnight Circus mini album. They have a song called "Puppet," or "Puppeteer," or something that is pretty cool. It reminds me of this album that was produced by Prince Paul and Dan the Automater Nakamura back in the early 2000s called "Lovage." "Lovage," was a parody album that parodied something...I'm not sure what it was a parody of, but the vocals were half provided by Mike Patton of "Faith No More." The songs were all these weird sex songs. D.j. Kid Koala also did some scratching on the album. "Lovage," is some strange shit, but the music is pretty nice.

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