Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kpop Post

I'm doing a post about K-pop. I'm not a big K-pop fan, but when you are married with a baby in Korea, there isn't much to do on the weekends other than watch music bank, music core, and inga.

A few weeks ago I watched the international Kpop festival. This thing was kind of crazy. Kpop fans from all over the world were flown in to Korea to share their Kpop performance skills.

The Korean government is really pimping this hallu stuff. This festival looked like it was sponsored by the Korean tourism association. This one guy who kind of looked like a Korean Steve Martin was prominently displayed. I think he was some important guy in the ministry of tourism.

Anyway, the event was kind of bizarre, and it kind of looked like a typical Korean tourism experience. About 50 people from different countries were shipped into Korea and they were bussed around to Korea tourism sites like Gyongbuk palace and I think I saw some footage of Kyonju. They got the chance to rehearse their pieces with acts like "Sistar," and "Secret," and then they had to do a live televised performance in front of what looked like 50,000 people in Changwon.

I would say that, that was an opportunity of a life time, and much to their credit none of the performers seemed at all nervous about performing in front of what looked like the entire population of Gyeongsang province. I can imagine though, that they might have been told at the last minute. "Wow, you have been really working hard, why don't you go on stage tomorrow at our talent show?"

"Really, that sounds great."

"Oh by the way, there will be a great sea of faces there, and the mayor will also come, so don't fuck this up."

What I really liked about the show, though, was how hard core a lot of the performers were. This one girl from Argentina, who looked a hell of a lot like Chrissy Hyde, did an obscure song by Yoon Ha. Yoon Ha had one popular song called Hye sung back in 2007. (I like that song it rocks.) But this Argentinian girl did some other song that I had never heard before. The same was true about three Russian girls. They did a song by "Sunny Hill."

If you are devout follower of Music Bank, you would know that Sunny Hill had a song out last summer called "Midnight Circus." They promoted the shit out of this song. They did the song for about seven weeks, but it never really seemed to catch on. The song was actually pretty annoying, but did the Russian girls do "Midnight Circus?" No they did this song:

As it turns out, this song isn't half bad, you could totally stick this in a Terentino movie.

The Voice:
Okay I used to hate this kind of show. I never found American Idol that great, but they started showing, "The Voice," at midnight on Mnet. This show is awesome it's got Cee Lo. Cee Lo was involved in the making of this:

Fuck that guy from Maroon Five. Fuck Maroon five, but I actually think that Christina Aguilera is pretty cool after watching this show. (Also why is that country guy the judge and Reba Macintire the helper?)

Korea bloggers like to find a subject and then do it to death. They find shit to be outraged about then a bunch of them all get together and write about the same subject. It seems that a lot of people have opinions about Hyuna. I like her. She is a hard worker. She tries to do different stuff. She also looks like a female rockstar......and how the fuck is the kid in this video not sporting massive wood throughout the whole thing? Dude seriously when you are a teenager, your job is to sport wood. This guy is either a super professional or a eunuch.

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3gyupsal said...

Okay, I watched the trouble maker video to the end. That is seriously weak. Fucking go for it guys.