Sunday, January 8, 2012

Korean Saturday Night Live

Another post about shit I watched on T.V. like two whole weeks ago.

I saw the new Korean Saturday Night Live. This week's host was Park Karin. This lady should become a national treasure. She is wonderful. I think she rose to prominence last year on the "Men's Challenge," show where she helped the guys assemble an orchestra. You could see her coaching people on how to sing well. I thought she was just some kind of voice coach, but a glance at wikkipedia showed that she is just kind of an all around performing artist.

Anyway she stole the show on Korean Saturday Night Live. Apart from her performance, I didn't think that the show was great. I can't understand Korean well, but I could tell that some jokes needed to go farther. Also I don't know if it is wise for Koreans to copy an American T.V. show that is nearly forty years past it's prime. Well, Saturday Night Live kind of goes in waves. Some casts are good, others suck. It really sucked from like 81-90. Then it was pretty good. It sucked when they fired Norm MacDonald, and then I kind of stopped watching it.

What I like about this format compared to "The Gag," concert though, is that there are no microphones taped to people's faces. If I had money, I would donate some boom mics to the gag concert. Korean Saturday Night Live was nicely subtle compared to the gag concert though. Again, to compare it to American Saturday Night Live, the Gag Concert seems to have a cast that is almost entirely made up of Cheri O'teris.

But Korean Saturday Night Live fell short in one sketch that was mostly pantomimed. Park Karin showed up at a night club with a sleeveless dress and she forgot to shave her armpits. The sketch relied on her not raising her arms to deliver a lot of physical humor. She attracted the attention of a young hot guy who she had to share the elevator with. Here is where the sketch disappointed: She had to get onto the elevator and show her armpits. When the young guy saw he reacted in horror. The original Saturday Night Live wouldn't go for the obvious joke of a guy reacting in horror. The original would probably have the guy be into it, and you might see a scene where they are back up in his room shaving and making sweaters or something. I wonder if nobody thought of that, or if something like that would get censored. At any rate, I would like to see an episode of Korean Saturday Night live with some oversight by Lorne Micheals.


audience said...

I just hope that the Koreans won't claim that SNL is their idea. Yes, they should not have let Norm McDonald go. The show is not as funny as it used to be. I really do miss Will Ferrell days.

3gyupsal said...

Sorry audience. I am an idiot. I responded to your comment on the above post.

audience said...

Ha Ha. No biggie.