Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sorry More K-pop Stuff

I'm sorry to the handful of people out there who read this blog and who must think that I have gone completely crazy for K-pop. The truth is kind of. I don't like the majority of K-pop but I am culturally sensitive to it since I see the music shows pretty much every weekend. After I had a kid I have found myself pretty much confined to quarters on the weekends. It is especially bad in the winter since I don't really want to go outside anyway.

But now to get to the point. Earlier this week "Girls Generation," was on the David Letterman show:

A few comments:

9 Nine people on a tiny stage pretty funny.

I don't find Girls Generation very interesting, but hey Billy Murray was there. Bill Fucking Murray I love that guy. I linked to the Coffee and Cigarettes scene unintentionally, but I remembered that I always used to call Girls Generation the Wu Tang Clan of Kpop because there are nine of them. I love Wu Tang too. Seriously I just got on like a 20 minute Bill Murray youtube tangent. Bill Fucking Murray, and Regis. Dave Letterman, Bill Murray, and Regis, three creepy old guys and and some half dressed Korean teenagers.

I got nothing else.


Michelle said...

Yeah, I saw when this came on. I thought they performed pretty well....although not sure if they'll make it far in the US top charts. Was it me, or did their legs look extra nice a long?? Good camera tricks...

3gyupsal said...

Wow, sorry Michelle, I didn't re-comment. I think that someday there will be a Kpop artist who gets noticed in the states, I don't think that SNSD is a likely candidate though. Musical preferences in the U.S. are too diverse whereas Kpop just kind of copies pop music. I remember an article I read a while back about how Asian artists in the states have a hard time getting audiences because there is no distinct organic Asian pop sound. I don't know if that is true these days, but Girls Generation is too boring to really turn any heads. 2 ne 1 rocks pretty hard, I think they have the best shot out of anyone in Korea (That is if Will I am doesn't mess things up). That new girl Ailee has a nice voice.

If Korean entertainment companies really want to break into the states they might focus on boy bands. Boy bands appeal to the tween age bracket, and there really aren't any American boy bands around anymore. 2 P.M. could do well, most of those guys speak English. I think if you get a bunch of hot Korean guys singing some cheesy ass shit, also sell some t-shirts and action figures, you could sell out some stadiums to some elementary school girls.