Sunday, January 8, 2012

Googled Korean Saturday Night Live and found This:

Right, hey N.B.C. Universal, don't renew the rights to to Korean Saturday Night Live, until those morons learn that they shouldn't pull this type of shit.

Beyond the black face.

Dear Korea:

Having comedy performers dance to popular songs just isn't funny. Seriously, is this the only joke you guys know?

Last week there was some kind of end of year gagman hoopla. Gagmen and women got on stage and did a perfect dance cover of Bring the Boys Out....or something I can't remember and I don't care. Anyway the point is...WHY THE FUCK IS THAT FUNNY? Please, spend some time learning how to write jokes, and less time practicing dance routines. Accents from places other than Seoul aren't that funny either. Grow some balls and poke fun at a politician, or North Korea, or something. Come on Kim Jung Un is hilarious, just look at him. Kim Jeong Ill was hilarious too. For fucks sakes he was a merciless dictator of a country and he looked like a fucking lunch lady. Not just any lunch lady, he looked like this one lunch lady who I had when I was in 3rd grade. I can't remember her name, but this crazy bitch would yell at you if you were on the ground. I saw a kid playing football who tripped and fell and was crying on the ground, and this stupid cunt blew a whistle and yelled "get up!"


Anonymous said...

Harry Connick Jr. offended by racist Jackson 5 skit in Australia
I guess this is a world's problem now. Everyone is doing it. :(

3gyupsal said...

Hey anonymous, thanks for stopping by. I think what Harry Connick jr. said at the end of the skit pretty much sums up the situation nicely. Koreans can kind of plead ignorance to the situation, but they have done blackface bullshit so much in the past...and have been called out on it that they should know by now. Korea has a strange relationship with African Americans, or people of African decent. People of African decent are kind of treated like shit here. Ironically the Korean war was the first war fought with a desegregated American army. African American soldiers fought for freedom on behalf of people who by and large don't really appreciate the sacrifices that they made, or the fact that many died here and the ones who survived had to go home and fight the American government to be recognized as people.

Anonymous said...

I do understand your point, but you might want to talk to immigrants from other countries living and working in African-American communities. They don't exactly receive a red carpet treatment. They go through same ridicules and shitty experience that Africans or AAs go through at white-dominated work place. I don't condone that kind of behavior from Korean entertainers, but racism is a two way street.

3gyupsal said...

Hey point taken another anonymous (or the same one). I agree, people are people and we all tend to do racist things. While I don't consider myself a racist, I have probably done things in the past that could be interpreted that way, also I don't doubt that people from any race can behave in a racist way. I think that if you don't want to be that way you just have to try your best not to.

3gyupsal said...

Hey audience. It doesn't look like your comment published. I tried to publish it, but it didn't work. Nonetheless I'll respond.

I liked Norm MacDonald and Will Ferrel too.

I hope that Koreans don't claim SNL as their own, but I don't know if that is a fight I want to get in or if it is one that is worth fighting. If someone were to get all high and mighty about SNL being original then some Canadian might get all in a huff about SCTV or "The Kids in the Hall." Then a British person might stumble on this blog and get all "Hey but what about "Monty Python," and "Benny Hill." And then this post might turn into a terrible mess about the supremacy of certain countries' sketch comedy shows. And well.....I'm all for it. I've had this damn blog for about 3 years and this is the most action that the comments section has ever seen. All thanks to racism.