Sunday, August 28, 2011

Odds and Ends

1. I'm calling off my Fatwa on Nic Kun's femurs. Most of the traffic to this site comes from a picture of Nic Kun that I ganked off of google. I've been happily married for two years and I don't have any beef with the guy anymore.

2. It turns out that the search term "Fantastic New Ab Workout," ranks this site's post as #4. I'm sorry to announce that I haven't taken the taxi very often and I haven't had the opportunity to test the theory of pulsating progression-a term that I made up-for abs. I'm also still number two for Ring Pang Donuts. This is a very misleading blog, Donuts and Abs.

3. I went to the tailor today to order a shirt. My waist and chest measurements are smaller. I think it is because I ride my bike to work a lot these days. I also practice Taekyon which involves a lot of abdominal lunging. I still don't have a six pack, I had one last Friday, but it is down to a one pack. Homeplus had "Fosters," beer on sale for 7950 won. "Fosters Australian for Beer," except for in Australia.

4. I'm very proud of the post after this one. No comments on it, that sucks, my favorite posts never get comments. Neither do my videos. Well I have one video where I made tacos that got a lot of comments, but my martial arts stuff never did. Oh, but anyway, when I was writing the post about bikes and dinosaurs I heard all of these noises outside of my apartment. This dude was totally vandalizing some cars really loudly, and he got arrested. He was vandalizing some cars in the parking lot right below my apartment really loudly. Anyway I looked out the window and saw the police chuck some shirtless guy into their car. I'm going to miss this apartment.

5. It's time for a beer and "Burn Notice."*

*I'm a little embarrassed to be such a fan of U.S.A. original series, "White Collar" and "Suits" are pretty good too.


Eve said...

It's funny what you say about comments. On my blog, I find that the blog posts that I THINK are going to get a lot (or a certain type) of comments usually don't. The ones I think will get no comments often do. I am always baffled when I write a blog post that I think is going to get a ton of comments and then gets zero. Commentators are unpredictable.

3gyupsal said...

I've had this blog for about three years now. I never really expect comments. I think that posts that get a lot of comments are the ones that are the most controversial. I got a lot of hits to a post that I did about me doing a Taekyon test. It also has a video of me doing the Taekyon test. I never even got so much as a "you suck." I think that I should make a video of me showing the flowing motions of Taekyon and then at the end I call out UFC fighters for being pussies, that'll get some comments.