Thursday, August 6, 2009

Taco Loco

Kruska has done it again. He has profaned the art of film making with another film that stains the craft. Another piece of excrement that requires the help of a plunger for it to go down. Five tomatoes were used in the making of the tacos seen in this movie, but I'm sure five million will be thrown at computer screens when viewing this blog.

Ironically, on the side bar of this blog, martial arts videos are promised, yet action fans are treated to nonsensical cooking programs. Kruska had better learn his audience and live up to his promises in the future. At least the last film had something of a sword fight in it with a cube of frozen chicken stock, in this film there is simply a running monologue about a Korean grocery store chain and a disturbing comment made towards two cloves of garlic.

To top that off, Kruska seems to sound needlessly defensive about his choice to add pinto beans to some taco meat. Who cares?

Once again there is a part that could use some explanation. Kruska drones on and on about going back to the store to get some more supplies, then there is a break and suddenly people start speaking broken Korean in the form of Moo han shiday, the Korean restaurant feature show that goes from town to town talking about the various novelty places in the countryside. Ai Ya Yai, this reviewer's patience is wearing thin for the films of Jim Kruska. Fifty four thumbs down.


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Paul said...

That was pretty intense, particularly the beans and the excited Korean.

Matthew Awalt said...

Amazing! I would like to see a visit to a grocery store and watch you gather the ingredients first.
Is it possible to do a shoot at Top-Mart? Also, I may suggest using a wooden or plastic spatula so you don't scrape the teflon-coating off your pan and into your meal. I am also avaliable for a co-shoot if you need a guest chef for the next episode. Please get in touch with my agents.

3gyupsal said...

@Paul, I want to be in one of your cannon video films, I need to practice though.

@ Matt, great suggestions we should meet sometime for some brain storming and story boarding so that ingredients are gathered for a specific dish. Top mart has special sales on Wednesdays that's when the meat can be as cheap as 1000 won. Also great suggestions, I'll keep that stuff in mind about the wooden spatula.

Master Kev said...

ah, Taco! Mashisayo!!! Choa!

That...was... so funny!
I loved it!
Great stuff, Jim Kruska-

should I say your name, Jim Kruska, more times so that you can be found more often on search engines, Jim Kruska?

The Sanity Inspector said...

Don't run yourself down so much: that's what we're here for?

3gyupsal said...

I wasn't running myself down. It was just a video about me making tacos and a written part at the bottom in the voice of a a looser movie reviewer. I did it that way because I want to write my name enough on this blog, because when I google myself there are a lot of hits for some woman in Arizona with a similar sounding name that is a convicted sex offender.

hwarangi said...

This video is an instant cult classic. However, if you ever release the director's cut, could you include the part where you tip out the fat from the beef? That's the part I most have trouble with. I either have to transfer the meat to a separate recepticle or sop up the fat with paper towel. More than once I have burned my hands and tipped beef (or pork) all over the place.

3gyupsal said...

@Hwarangi I'll try to make something else with ground beef or pork. I think usually (when I remember to) I put a collander over another bowel and pour the meat into that and just let the grease drip out. Unfortunatly most of the movies produced at FSTISEK are the directors cuts because our opperating budgets are restricted by an adsense laziness and a lack of foresight and planning when our cooking videos are produced.