Monday, June 27, 2011

Mailbag 2

Dear Sir:

It was pretty much obvious that the previous post was a troll of some sort. Why did you respond to it? Also, why don't you write more about your experiences in the classroom?

Booger T. Batshitbottoms

Okay Mr. Booger. I'll do that. I'll also include the pictures and home addresses of all of the little ones whose lives I affect every day.

No seriously. Writing about experiences teaching English in Korea is boring. Writing about finding Doritoes at Homeplus is boring. Having the thousandth blog complaining about work is boring. Making blanket statements about Korea and Koreans is boring.

You know what is more interesting? Hot air balloon pirates and music bank. It's okay to bitch about K-pop and K-pop stars, and how fake they are, but they are doing exactly what they want to do with their lives. Much the same way that people who teach ESL expected their lives to work out.

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