Sunday, June 12, 2011

After School, and Why my Son is Awsome

My wife and I like to imagine that our one month old son is a fan of the K-pop band After School. Brian in Jeollanamdo has often described After School as being the Korean Pussy Cat dolls. If you look at their entire song catalog, nothing could be further from the truth.

My son has recently taken to smiling. He does little smiles every once and a while, but Friday my wife was telling me about how she was watching music bank, and how he was kind of calm during After School's performance.

I started ribbing the small boy about how he missed the good old days when the song "Ah," came out and and how the After School girls were kind of slutty back then. When I said "slutty," he opened his mouth and did the biggest smile. Now I already thought highly of the kid before then, but now I can say that my son is pretty cool. He smiled at the word "slutty."

Now I don't mean to call the After School girls a gang of sluts. I think they are pretty good dancers, and their first song "Ah," was pretty exciting. The music video had the girls attempt a gang bang on their teacher. Not that gang banging is cool, but the video was kind of funny and edgy.

These days though, After School is all emo. Their newest song, "Shampoo," is about how love can be like getting shampoo in your eyes. The video is also kind of weird too. A girl walks into a dance studio. She falls down a lot when she spins around, and then she is finally accepted too the pack when she dyes her hair blonde. As a blonde man, I could have just walked into the studio and owned the audition damn.

The beats don't even make you nod your head. This song feels like it is some kind of hippie dance performance. Anyway, enjoy:

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