Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Men Crying

I hope nothing happens bad enough for me to start crying over something, or else I'd be a big hypocrite for writing this post, but this phenomenon of men crying over stuff is seriously getting annoying.

I was watching some Korean drama the other day, and this guy in the drama won some kind of cooking competition, and he got all misty eyed. This wasn't some reality T.V. show this was a drama. If I had been actually following the drama, I'm pretty sure that I would have lost sympathy for the character.

Also, last year the "Infinity Challenge," guys entered a ballroom dancing competition. Sure they trained hard, but they were never the favorites from the start, and when they lost they let loose with the water works.

I'm not going to just attack Koreans on this, my recent distaste for the practice is starting to work it's way out because there are many a number of disagreeable American public figures who let loose for the cameras.

John Boehner:
John, you are drama queen. You handed out checks from tobacco lobbyists on the house floor, and then you cried when the health care reform bill was passed. You cried when you became the speaker of the house. You are corrupt and what is wrong with America. You didn't do shit in the past two years except go on news talk shows. Come on man, Obama was the first black president he has accomplished some ground breaking shit, but in all of his historical accomplishments, not once did he break down like a little bitch and talk about how hard his life was. You pieces of shit like to go out and call him an elitist despite his humble beginnings in a single parent household. The dude tries to help poor people, like your father who worked in a mill or whatever, and you guys shit on him. John Boehner get a life.

Glenn Beck:
You are a former junkie. Congratulations on getting over your drug problem, but you aren't an expert on America. Get over yourself. Stop crying every five minutes on your show when something you don't like happens in America. You are a propagandist pure and simple. Quit being such a pussy.

Rich Rodriguez:
Why the hell are you the one who is crying? You brought down the University of Michigan football program. You are definitely the worst coach that U of M has ever had. Michigan players, and Michigan fans are the ones who should be crying, and many probably will if you don't get fired. Look man, I'd get a kick out of seeing you have a public breakdown, but I'll have a little respect for you if you suck it up.

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