Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ring Pang Donuts

Has anyone been to Ring Pang Donuts? Jinju's Geumsan Myun is getting a Ring Pang Doughnuts, and I am super stoked. I have never had a Ring Pang doughnut, but I'm excited because this will be a place for me to go and have coffee during lunches. These days I get my day coffee fix from Lotteria.

I love the ladies at the Lotteria in Geumsan. Some real boisterous ajumas who seem to get their jollies from seeing me everyday. The problem is that the only good coffee that you can get there is the Lotteria cappuccino.

I'm not a cappuccino man, but the Lotteria cappuccinos are far superior to the Lotteria Americanos. I hate Americanos. I much prefer brewed coffee.

Although this Ring Pang place seems to be only an espresso drink joint, they seem to have straight espresso on the menu. In a pinch, two or three shots of straight espresso is a good enough replacement for proper coffee.

I'm also hoping that this Ring Pang place has fresh doughnuts. I love Dunkin, because the coffee is good. If a Dunkin came to Geumsan, that'd be my dream come true, but Dunkin Donuts aren't that fresh, they get shipped in from a factory on the outside of town. It'd be an innapropriate dream if a Misdo came to Geumsan. Krispe Kreme would be okay too, but their coffee is shit.

I'll keep you all posted for updates on this Ring Pang place.

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