Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hell Yeah!

Just googled "Ring Pang Donuts"

Fun Times in South East Korea has the third hit for "Ring Pang Donuts."

Thank you google for once again proving that "Fun Times in South East Korea" is the most important food blog in the Korean expat bloggosphere about fine dining in Jinju's Geumsan Myun.


Flint said...

Congratulations! Hopefully you will hit #1!

3gyupsal said...

Actually I think I did hit number 1. I think that their website should be number 1 though, in the past day I've become quite fond of ring pang donuts. The people who work their seem pretty nice, and the coffee was pretty good.

After all of the blogging that you have done about watching mooks from dunkin dounuts, I'm sure you can appreciate how excited I must be to get my own donut shop. The school where I work is on the edge of civilization, there is a lotteria within walking distance, but if I want to go to the closest dunkin it's about a 4000 won taxi ride.