Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Night of the Jinju Namgang Lantern, Drama, Arts, and Sports Festival

So I was riding my bike to go pick up a Paris Baguette brownie, and a coffee from Dunkin.

Then I heard some awesome wailing from across the river. I looked over the bridge and saw some fire.

The music sounded a bit like the now split up group "At the Drive in."

When I got to the show I was treated to about ten minutes of kick ass.

It was a four piece band, guitar/vocalist, back up guitar, bass, and drums. It was kick ass.

The band had a small group of teenagers and college students hand-banging (I know that sounds dirty, they had their right hands up and were pointing in a swaying motion as if they were head banging.)

A mother and two toddlers were off to the right. The lead singer took a moment from rocking his balls off to let one of the toddlers take a few riffs on his axe. He then shared with the big kids.

A serendipitous moment where I couldn't stop grinning the whole time. I only got to see about three songs before their set ended, so I asked the sound guys the name of the band.

국카스탠, Guckasten. Here's a sample:

Some college girls passed me and said, "너무 멋지서." (That fucking rocked...well it means "that was cool," but I knew what they meant.)

I learned that Guckkasten is German for Zograscope, according to "Last F.M." A Zograscope is a device that you use to gain depth perception on paintings. Fucking baddass. A band with a German name for something that heightens perception.

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