Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Milyang Dweji Gook Bab

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A few weeks ago I was walking around Geumsan Myun. It seemed that Geumsan Elementary school was having some kind of festival. I wanted to go to Lotteria, but the place was packed with kids and their parents. I tried to go to Mom's touch, but that was full too. I walked down the road to Jin Oodong, but alas my luck was running out.

I got all of the way down the street to Geumsan Gook Soo, but even that place seemed infested with townies. I was really hungry. While I was standing across the street from Geumsan Gook Soo, I happened to look up and notice Milyang Dweji Gook Bab.

All I can say is, holy shit that was good.

The pork in the soup was super tender. The side dishes were plentiful, and the soup was yummy.

A week later I stopped by again and had Soo Yook Baek Ban. 8,000 won bought me a bowl of rice, a big plate full of Kimchi, a smaller dish with moo kimchi, some Korean chives, a bowl of rice, a bowl of soup broth and a big ass plate of boiled pork. Again the pork met the tooth like a goddamn piece of sponge cake. Good stuff.

If you ever make it over to Geumsan for some mountain climbing or for stalking famous actors or popstars doing their military service over at the air force base; Milyang Dweji Gook Bab puts the heart in hearty.


Flint said...

When I first came to Korea we had to go to McDonalds if we wanted decent coffee.

3gyupsal said...

And McDonald's coffee used to be pretty damn good until they switched to that LaVazza shit. Straight brewed stuff for only 1000 won is how I remember it, but now days Dunkin does alright. You have to watch the employees at Dunkin though. They like to fill the cup up half full and then water down the rest. Most of the Dunkin employees in Jinju know me (That's four different locations of Dunkin employees) and they know I'll tell them to make the coffee again if they water it down.