Friday, April 30, 2010

Super discounts

For folks out there who don't know, when you see a sign on the street that says 성인 용품 in Korea, that is a pretty good indicator that the store accompanying the sign is an adult toystore of some sort.

My question is, who out there is that much of an adult toy conesouir that they would be swayed by discounts of 30% to 50% off?

Is there some person out there who brags to their friend about the new dildos that he or she bought only to have the friend solemnly tell them that they over paid?

The ESL Dialogue that the YBM is Afraid to Teach
A: Wow, you really have to check out the vibramatic five thousand? I just got one and am no longer mourning the death of my spouse.

B: Well you finally got one didn't you? Good for you?

A: Yeah it was only 40,000 won.

B: You really got taken to the cleaners. You can get that very same model over at D.C. for 30,000.

A: Crap, they have a no return policy as well.

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hwarangi said...

Whats more disconcerting to me is when they sell 성인용품 from trucks on the side of the highway. It's not like there arent a million stores around anyway.

I do hope 'ESL Dialogs YBM is afraid to teach' becomes a series.