Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brownie Story

I think god is helping me to diet. April has rolled around and I've decided to shed some K.G.'s. I don't have a very good plan for it this time around. I've just stopped eating late night snacks and no alcohol until the weekend.

Something should be said though about Paris Bagguete. Jinju Paris Bagguettes have just started to sell these brownies that are super yummy. Most of the time I am skeptical of store bought brownies. I have been burned many times before at organicy looking farmers market type places where cardboard cutout signs, marker written, advertize "small batch," baked goods and how the market's chef is some girl with dreadlocks who grows organic wheat, and has ties to fair trade cocoa bean growers in El-salvador; only to buy a five dollar brownie and find out that it is biscotti dry and doesn't really taste like chocolate. These days I always have low expectations for bakery brownies.

So Kudos to Paris Bagguete for being able to make a perfectly paletable store bought brownie. I have only eaten two of the things and yet I feel the need to find some kind of brownie methedone clinic. There is one problem though. These brownies only seem to appear at branches of Paris baggeute that are big enough to accomodate them. So today I went on an odyssey of sorts to find a paris bagguette that carries said brownies. I went to my local Paris bagguette in Geumsan Myeon only to find that there were no brownies there, then following a Kumdo/Kendo lesson I rode my bike to another P.B. and was met with dissapointment.

Tomorrow I'm checking another branch down by city hall. I figure there are about ten P.B.'s throughout the Jinju region, so I'll report my findings as to which ones carry the brownies. In the meantime I guess I can save my money and stick to my diet.


Alesa Warcan said...

Could you not make them yourself? Brownies, both the cakey kind and the fudgy kind, are really easy to make. 10 minutes prep, 20-30 minutes cooking time. And you you have the added advantage of being able to share them with your friends and neighbors who will love you for it.

3gyupsal said...

Thanks for the comment Alesa. You are right, I can definitely make brownies since I do enjoy baking very much. I even thought about doing that last night when I was thinking about writing this blog post. The thing is is that brownies run out if they taste good, and then you have to make new brownies, or something else, but I should also point out that I am trying to loose weight, so I shouldn't make a whole batch of something that I will probably eat all of (my wife doesn't like sweet things. Giving them to neighbors is a good idea, or giving them to my in laws would be another good idea.)

Any way I shall do both. I'll look for P.B. branches that sell the brownies, and I'll try to make some brownies that taste as good as the P.B. ones. I think brownies are like making cake except you add more oil and less egg or something like that. Anyway thanks for the suggestion.

Alesa Warcan said...

My pleasure.
Yeah if you are watching your weight brownies can be insidious...

Yeah, brownies are a lot like making cake.
I wouldn't recommend using oil though... Butter is the way to go.

If you want to cheat in order to lighten them, you can replace part of the butter with apple sauce (that trick works with most baking recipes).

If you'd like I could give you a recipe, how do you like your brownies?

3gyupsal said...

Yeah a brownie recipe would be great! I saw your blog, and you seem to be a bit of a foodie...what is your opinion on using beaten egg whites in brownies? Do you think that that would make them too light?

hwarangi said...

I hear you on those Brownies, man. It's an instant PB classic. It's the most authentic baked good in any Korean bakery - franchise or freehold.

Up until that brownie was released, I always went for the apple-pie lattice slice. No longer!

The caramel swirl is also delish.

I've also fallen in love with the cookies at COSTCO; I dont know why I never bought them before.

3gyupsal said...

Hmm caramel apple lattice thingy. Last January my wife and I were in New York for a three month late honey moon. I was really excited to go to the big city and try all of the wonderful foods. Our last night there we searched for some wonderful place to eat, but had to settle on some italian chain restaurant called La cuccina something something. We had a big course meal that included seafood a glass of wine a salad some pieces of bread and a deseart, all for only about thirty bucks. My wife doesn't like sweet baked goods so when deseart time came she ordered some fruit and I ordered an "Apple tart," which turned out to be exactly the same thing as one of those Paris Baggete apple tarts. That was kind of a downer but the food was alright.