Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Phrase of the Day

Losing one's poopetite.

Loosing a poopetite is like loosing an appetite except it affects the desire to expunge one's bowels when seeing something of disgust.

Used in conversation:

A: I thought you said you had to go to the bathroom.

B: I did but I lost my poopetite after I saw the condition of the bathroom in the middle school.


B: I lost my poopetite when the cleaning woman came into the stall and started to mop around the toilet underneath my feet.


B: I lost my poopetite when I realized that the bucket of tissues next to the toilet wasn't garbage from people who had blown their noses.


Lee Farrand said...

I'm a very fussy pooper, but like to engage in poop-tourism. Once I did a poop in the toilets at the top of Macau Tower.

3gyupsal said...

Well thank you Mr. Lee for being so honest. I remember one time when I was in High school, I was on a school feild trip to Chicago. We went to the top of the Sears Tower. I remember speculating on the type of plumbing that would be required to accomodate a load dropped form such a hight, I wonder if there would be any kind of damage to the pipes if something were flushed from such ahigh altitude to the sewer, since the speed of the payload at the aceleration of gravity would be quite fast.

Besides I don't know think that someone can be considered "fussy," when loosing (or retaining) stomach at the sight of a splattered squatter at a bus station.