Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday adventures

Saturday I competed in another Kumdo tournament. This one was much smaller and had no special performances. My team took second place out of five teams. Yay. I had two matches. In the first match I won 1-0. It was a tense fight that dragged on the full five minutes, both of us couldn't get an advantage, finally he made a mistake. Something happened to make him drop his gaurd and I went for it hitting him in the head. Then about thirty seconds later the match ended.

The second match was a bit different. The guy was about 6-4 and seemed to have done Kumdo for most of his life. He scored two points, ending the match around the 40th second. I believe he only moved his Jukdo only three times (Jukdo = Shinai-a bamboo practice sword) After their team swept our team, my opponent was kind enough to hand my ass back to me. Fun times (in South East Korea)

Sorry no video for this one.

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