Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Diet wrap

Okay so I'm trying to make a high fiber diet with the aid of Susan Roberts' "Instinct Diet." I may have mentioned before that this is probably a good diet if you live next to a whole foods, and living in Korea definitely makes things difficult. I will not actually start the diet until Saturday, but today I feel I have invented a wonderful recipe that I can use on the diet.

Introducing "Jim's Middle Eastern Barley Chicken Wrap."


Boiled Barley
Some onion
Some Tomato
Some Cumin
Some Salt
Some Pepper
A pita or a flour Tortilla
A chicken breast.
Olive Oil

Cucumber sauce

Take some barely and boil it in water. First boil the barely on high heat until it boils a lot, then reduce heat and let simmer for 45 minutes. Use the 45 minutes to chop the onion and tomatoes, and whatever else you might want to prepare for the meal like a salad or something.

Cut the Chicken into strips and fry in olive oil with cumin, salt, and pepper.

Use about three inches of cuccumber, chopped into quarters, and combine with 1 small container of unsweetened yogurt.

Now put the barely, chicken, onion, tomato, and cucumber sauce in the middle of a slightly warmed pita, or tortilla (Tortillas work great, that is all I can get here.)

Don't use too much barley. I cooked a cup of it, and now I'm stuck with a lot of barley. Tomorrow, I'm going to try and have oatmeal with barley in it for breakfast.

Enjoy. I just thought this recipe up this afternoon. The barley really matches well. It tastes kind of like a gyro.


Evil sister said...

It sounds good, but the name "diet wrap" makes me want to die. It sounds like the name of something you'd have seen on the menu at the parkview in the mid-80s that inevitably would have included such phrases as "meat patty" or "scoop of cottage cheese.". To that end I'd rename it something catchy like "middle eastern barley wrap" or "fiber burrito."

3gyupsal said...

I named it "Jim's Middle Eastern Barley," wrap. The post title is "Diet," wrap. It was actually really good, I was a bit surprised.

I had too much barley left over so I mixed with some oatmeal, syrup, brown sugar, and I threw in some dried cranberries and almonds too, and had that for breakfast. That was pretty good. Well, it was edible, but I think I can develop a taste for it.

Evil sister said...

I saw a recipe in this months gourmet magazine along the lines of barley-stuffed portobello mushroom caps. I don't know if you're on mushrooms yet, but it sounded creative. Also I made a yummy barley salad once. I'll send you the recipe sometime. Unrelated: made a batch of poopsquares yesterday. They got kind of hard and chewy and I'm not sure why.