Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fun in Busan

Last Sunday I went to Busan. My GFF and I went to the new Shinsaegea department store at Centum City. This department store is huge so I took a little film of an outside park that is on the 8th floor of this place. I simply think that it is amazing that such a place would exist on the eighth floor of a building.

After that we went to Joongang dong and went to the American Apparel shop there. Not much to report. I bought a 10,000 won pair of socks, and a 30,000 won t-shirt for my gff. American apparel is pretty expensive, but I do like paying the higher prices to support the American made stuff. Also in Joongang dong there was a parade that had some Japanese people in it doing Japanese-y things. I didn't get a chance to film it because we were tired and wanted to go to Seomyun to get a book.

Later in Seomyun we stumbled upon a Uniqlo shop. Uniqlo is a Japanese company that makes clothes like American Apparel but at a mere fraction of the cost. I got a nice new shirt, and awesome pair of 10,000 won sweat pants. After that we had coffee and went to a Japanese style Ramen shop. I don't know the name of the ramen shop, but it is in Seomyun somewhat near by the Pascuchi coffee, and near by a street that has a whole bunch of fortune tellers. Anyway that place is really good, it is a lot cheaper than Ramen in Japan too. I don't much like Japanese Ramen, but the place's spicy Japanese Ramen is quite good. They even had the Japanese style ordering system where you put some money into a machine and a ticket comes out. You then give the ticket to a guy who takes the ticket to the cooks.

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