Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finished reading the "Instinct Diet," and saw "Terminator," last night

The "Instinct Diet," by Susan Roberts poses many a challenge to a person like me who isn't currently living in the United States. The book is chock full of recipes that are both full of fiber, and full of taste. Unfortunately recipes like, "Old Fashioned Hot Cereal," call for things like ancient wheat grains (emmer wheat), and whole wheat berries. While Korean super markets carry grains and flours, the grains and flours that they carry are generally variations on rice and beans. The good thing is, is that Koreans eat a lot of barley. This will come in handy for me because the "I" diet has many recipes which call for barley.

Now If were go to the year 2018, a time after Judgment day, I'm sure that people like John Connor would also have a hard time finding many of these ingredients. I feel that a prime weakness in the "I" diet is that it seems to be written for overweight, upper middle class people who have the luxury of living down the street from a Whole foods or a Trader Joe's. After Skynet goes online and starts attacking humans; people will definitely have a harder time finding ingredients such as low carb tortillas for when they make their "I" diet "Indian Kebab Wraps."

Like the people in the ruinous future, I think that I will have to find alternative means of sticking to many of the more difficult aspects of the "I" diet. For example, if I were to make a vegetable curry, instead of using white rice, I should use whole grain rice or steamed barley to get the extra fiber.

In the not too distant future, it will definitely be a challenge to get fiber when T-600's disrupt crop cultivation with their habit of firing anti aircraft munitions at carbon based life forms. Non robotic machines such as tractors and combines might also be dangerous to operate after being exposed to nuclear fallout as they might become radioactive. This would also be extremely problematic for the use of metal dinner utensils like the forks and spoons that people would use in eating things like the "I" diet's "Tuscan beans with Rosemary and Olive Oil," or "Helen's Red Flannel Cabbage."

Indeed a sample menu for a post Judgement Day world could be something like this.

Day 1 Continental Breakfast.
Kyle Reece's "Two day old Roast Coyote"

John Conor's quarter of a ration compote.

Forgotten as you try to separate the debris of your friend from the robotic limb that you shot off of the giant terminator that was putting him into a transport.

As for me I'll just have to check the Korean baking websites to see if I can get things like bran, also I should eat more salads.

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