Sunday, April 3, 2011

Colbert Does "Friday," on Jimmy Fallon

Okay so this blog has changed from being about Korea to being more about Rebecca Black's Friday song. Guess what? I don't give a shit. There are a lot of folks who leave Korea and then still blog about it. Some people go to other countries like China and try to work through their issues with places that they have been where people didn't give them free blow jobs for showing up. Well guess what everybody? I still live in Korea, and I'm kind of over the place. Today I'm not going to write glowingly about some stupid temple or some stupid Joseon King's toomb I went to. I'm also not going to bitch about somebody who cut me in line a Starbucks.

The fact is, I find Rebecca Black much more interesting. her song "Friday," is terrible, but it get's stuck in your head. Also, this Jimmy Falon clip ties a bunch of things together for me. This is Steven Colbert singing "Friday," with "The Legendary Roots Crew." A few years back I caught The Roots first at the Chicago Tibetian Freedom concert, then at Moby's "Area 1 Festival," in Detroit. At area 1, questove the drummer threw is drumstick out to the audience, and I caught it. Besides that, I think that The Roots are probably the best band ever. Check them out with John Legend on Austin City Limits:

Watch the full episode. See more Austin City Limits.

Next up, I think that the Jimmy Fallon show is pretty interesting musically, since my friend from high school, DJ Autobot was on the show as a back up D.J. for female rapper and Kanye West protege Kid Sister. I couldn't find a clip with him on the show, but here is the video for Flosstradamus's "Big Bills." (Autobot is one D.J. half of "Flosstradamus."

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Flint said...

That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing it ... I had forgotten Colbert and Fallon were doing it.