Saturday, April 23, 2011

Time to Make Fun of Kpop Some More

I need to congradulate Dal Shabet on their song pink rocket. I plugged the song title into google and was surpised to see how many of the hits actually have to do with the song "Pink Rocket." Unfortunately one hit from the urban dicitonary reveals that a pink rocket is one of the dildoes used by Tyler's mom. I have know idea who Tyler is, but has a product called the "Mini Mite Pink Rocket."

Anyway, enjoy this Dal Shabet video where the girls are all dressed up like Pink Rockets.


Flint said...

The whining sounds made my ears bleed. ;) I couldn't get through the 1st quarter or less of the video.

3gyupsal said...

The song is bearable if you listen to it while using a pink rocket.