Friday, April 22, 2011


I don't post on this site that much anymore. I'm guessing the reason for this is because I don't really care about blogging anymore.

I don't write very well, and these days, I don't read other people's blogs that much anymore. The reason why I don't read blogs is because I changed jobs. I'm no longer held captive in a middle school where four to five out of eight hours a day I have to sit in a chair and do fuck all. Instead I have been working the mother of all split shifts working at a university and teaching adults.

I'm up to making three lesson plans a day versus two lesson plans a week, I'm making a lot less money per month, and I have a baby due any minute, but for some reason I am a lot more happy and a lot less stressed than I was while working at the public school. I'm working the mother of all split shifts where I generally have to wake up a six an start teaching by eight, sometimes I teach five hours in the morning and two at night, sometimes I just teach one hour in the morning and two at night, but I get to go home in between that time. I can do what ever I want between classes.

Around this time last year I had to teach night classes a the school. I'd get to school at nine in the morning and leave at nine at night. Most days I would only teach a total of six classes, but the school would make the day longer by planning a dinner break at six o'clock every night, and then resume classes until 8:30 or 9:30. I had one extra class where I taught two or four students for two hours on Thursdays. I tried to ask the people in charge to change the class from two hours one day a week to one hour two days a week, but for some reason that didn't make sense to them.

These days I rarely bitch about work. The job is by no means easier, but it is a lot more fun. College students tend to be a little better at shutting the hell up when someone else is talking. I'm not saying that I had a bad time at my middle school, it's just that stuff seems a lot less annoying these days. I don't even really get that upset at people who loiter in front of doorways or escalators anymore.

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