Sunday, March 27, 2011

What is the Dumber Song?

I guess my problem with this piece of shit is that it is so addictive. It lodges its self in your fucking head an just stays there. And then you find yourself just saying "Su papa dup dapa dup dap duppa."

I really want to strangle "Doll Sherbet's" record producer. First because of the name "Doll Sherbet," secondly because I'm pretty sure that feeling the life force of a Korean record producer slipping through my hands will somehow give me super powers.

I imagine the conversation between the girls in "Doll Sherbet," and their record producer to go something like this.

P.D. I see that you little girls can sing.

D.S. Yes can you make us stars?

P.D. Are you ready to prance around and act like sexy little retards?

D.S. Maybe.

P.D. I've got a little thing for the short bus if you know what I mean.

D.S. We just want to be famous.

P.D. Well then, welcome to Doll Sherbet.

And then there is this. Youtube's song with fifty seven thousand dislikes.

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