Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just Wow

For all of the shit that people give to Kpop artists, this is just evil and sad:

I'm sorry to Brian in Jeollanamdo, but "We we we so excited" from Miss Black's song blows Rainbow's I wanna gossip girl, out of the water any day. For one, I'm guessing that Rebbecca Black is a native speaker of English. Two, I'm guessing that her producers are also. Three, why the hell is there a middle aged guy in a sports car driving around and rapping about following school buses? Tell em Antoine:

That's right hide your kids hide your wife.

This poor girl Rebecca Black is the product of some likely pedophile record producers over at something called "The Ark Music Factory." This "Ark Music Factory," had their release party a few weeks ago. This is the video:

Five seconds into the video, what do you see? A middle aged man. What the hell is he doing there? Is he one of these kids dads? Eighteen seconds in we are hit with the rhetorical "Are you guys ready to see some music entertainment?" Where they hell did they get this hype man? Was he fired from his last job as a youth pastor? Also the interviewer asks "How ready and how excited are you tonight," to everybody. I feel like this is an ESL class.

2:12, did that fourteen year old girl just say "I want you to sleep with me?" I can't tell. It also kind of sounds like she says "I want you to seek with me," which maybe is a little more appropriate. Maybe she and her friends are playing hide and seek and she wants to "seek" with a cute boy or something. The whole thing is just unsavory.

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