Sunday, July 11, 2010

Salad Is Pretty Awsome!!!

I guess the title pretty much says everything. Anyhoo, down in Jinju there is this new bakery called the 양우연 캐익 하우스. (Yang Woo Yeon Cake House) Cakes and breads there are pretty nice. I have even asked my wife to get me a cheesecake from there for my birthday. I have a long running tradition to eat cheesecake and pizzas on my birthday. If I have a litter of half Korean children, I hope that when I die, to commemorate my Jessa, they smear cheesecake and pizza on my headstone.

Anyhoo (2nd anyhoo) last week I picked up a baguette from there because of the spaghetti that I made that day or the next. After a few days of being out in the open the baguette has gotten a bit crusty.

No problem!

Saturday I cut a few pieces of the baguette into squares, applied some olive oil, onion powder, salt, pepper, and threw them in the toaster oven. Viola....croutons!!!!!

Saturday I made a nice salad for lunch with the croutons, and did the same for today's lunch. I have been trying to eat salads for lunch for the last few weeks in an attempt to trim up for my trip home. Let me tell you how nice salads are for lunch on hot days. They are really nice, because they are cold. No longer do I have to rely on 냉면 for a nice little cold lunch. I just have to bring a salad to school, throw it in the fridge, and bam, I've got a nice refreshing cold lunch.

This post brought to you by, "Holy shit, I don't have anything to do right now so I think I'll write about salads...

More next time.


IloveAsian said...

Salad is Healthy though..It's good that you were able to make a blog out of your experience with the salad..

Chinggu Yah said...

A blog out of a salad experience.nice though..

3gyupsal said...

Well love Asian and Chinggu Yah, here's what was going on. This afternoon, I was bored, and just happened to have a salad, that is the inspiration for the piece.

Apart from that, I am a 29 year old man who really likes meat. So in that context Ithink that it is kindof a departure for me to like salad.

At any rate, thanks for stopping by and commenting, not many people come here (In all honesty it isn't a very good blog, I am not good at taking pictures or writing.) so any and all guests are indeed apreciated.

chinggu yah said...

It's not just about being good in writing. I can see that there's honesty...