Thursday, July 15, 2010

JYP's Latest Girl Band Steals from the Maury Povich Show

This is J.Y.P.'s new girl band Miss A. I kind of like the beats in the beginning. They don't sing great but they sound better than the Wonder Girls when they sing live. (Don't get me started on the Wonder Girls Live.)

Plagerism in the K-pop community pops up quite often. K-pop artists borrow baselines quite frequently, without paying for them.

But I can't forgive Miss A for stealing from America's troubled youthes. For nearly a decade America's out of controll teens have gone on day time talk shows to tell us one thing and one thing only; that we don't know them ******** you I had sex with all of them ********** you don't know me.

It makes me sad these troubled children can't even keep their own universal catch phrase.

On a different note. I often worry about raising children in Korea because the teachers beat students, and the traffic is incredibly frieghtening. When I worry about those things, I should just watch these clips, and worry about what kind of monsters I might spawn if I raise kids in America.

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