Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kim Jong Ill 된장녀

The associated press via the New York Times has an interesting story from a defector about Kim Jeong Ill's extravagance. It seems that the dictator sent cadres of chefs to Austria to learn how to make Austrian food, and "only eats imported food."

Reminds me of Kim Soo Mi's character in a Korean movie called 못말리는결혼 motmalinin gyulhon. The movie title means something about getting married, and it follows the romance of a vein plastic surgeon and a woman who is good at Korean traditional arts. If I remember correctly she makes paper dolls.
The mother of the plastic surgeon is a self made millionaire who dragged her family out of poverty and no longer values traditional Korean ways. When the potential daughter in law visited the family house with a basket of cherry tomatoes that came from her father's garden, Kim Soo Mi shrieked and nearly vomited when she learned that they tomatoes weren't imported.

Check out the article and the movie. It is one of my favorite Korean comedies.

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